Surgery Tools


I remember the first rhinoplasty surgery I operated. It must have been 25 years now. I had difficulty in osteotomy phase. Imagine opening up a nose with huge tools to break the bones. I said to myself “this must be the hardest part.”

In time, I figured that osteotomy was not the hardest part, yet it was the most essential.

This must have been so important for every surgeon that countless tools have been invented and tried throughout history. Saws, osteotomes and many more…

Electric cutters such as Piezo and drills are among the popular tools being used these days.

I, personally, would like to express that I am not very fond of them. Knowing that the tool can go out of my control has always unsettled me. Therefore, I prefer conventional tools like saws and osteotomes. I started to make tiny changes owing to my experiences and observations over the years. In the end, this helped a bone shaping tool to be born. I am rather pleased. These tools enable us to shape the bone by carving without breaking it. These tools have made it much easier to create a sturdy and stable bone structure. Postoperative bruising and swellings are at a minimum as well. I call this trio “Magic Saws”. I would like help in anyway I can if any of my colleagues desire to have access to these tools.